Specialist Leaders of Education

Pamneeta Basi 

Pamneeta is currently in her second full year in the role of Assistant Principle at Sir Jonathan North School in Leicester. Her main responsibilities are for Teaching and Learning, NQTs and trainees. She first joined the teaching profession in 2011 through Teach First because she believes in a fair education for all and wanted to make a positive impact on the lives of young people. Prior to her AP role, she was a Head of Mathematics in Essex and a Lead Practitioner in charge of whole school CPD in Hackney, London. As an SLE in mathematics she is eager to support other teams in their curriculum design, implementing change or working with colleagues in specific areas. She is excited to support the teaching and learning of mathematics across a wider field.


Lisa Coar

Lisa is a middle leader at Beauchamp College and is responsible for raising the profile of Literacy across the curriculum. With Honours, Masters and Doctoral degrees in English, Lisa is highly regarded as a subject specialist and has extensive experience of teaching at both secondary and tertiary levels. Lisa’s higher-level teaching and research experience equips her with a specialised educational approach; it is being able to use the niche experiences she has gained in a way that supports other educators in their own pedagogical development, as well as maximising attainment outcomes for students, that underpins her aspirations to participate in system support and leadership.

Lisa works hard to capitalise on the experiences she has acquired in wider sectors by developing and securing multiple opportunities that provide scope for students and colleagues to benefit from University outreach work, as well as nurturing a more grounded, student-centric approach to academic transition at secondary level and beyond. Seeing the positive impacts such work has ensures that Lisa remains motivated to continue making a difference to young people of all backgrounds, ages and abilities.

Sustaining the capacity to provide constant support and constructive guidance likewise forms an integral part of Lisa’s teaching and work ethic. Lisa always aspires to implement new methods of informing, inspiring and guiding in pioneering and inventive ways. Each of the tailored intervention programs she initiates encourage staff and students alike to become confident, independent learners who are keen to share and develop their ideas.



Sean Durran

Sean is a Specialist Leader of Education, with particular interest in Science.  Currently a Director of Science for the Lionheart Academy Trust, Sean was previously Head of KS5 Science at Beauchamp College with responsibility for raising standards in the teaching of Science.  Sean has a breadth of experience having worked with schools requiring improvement as well as outstanding schools.  He has expertise in teaching and learning, curriculum planning and improving leadership in Science across the trust. 

Sean has led training sessions in teaching and learning in schools around the country and is currently responsible for ensuring that secondary Science teaching enables learners to embrace the curriculum with confidence and excitement across the trust. He enjoys working closely with teachers and school leaders to develop innovative approaches of intervention with key groups in order to accelerate progress and improve outcomes for all pupils.  


Rachel Fletcher

Rachel is a middle leader at Charnwood Primary school and is responsible for developing and leading English provision across the school. She has been heavily involved in the Leading Reading at KS2 project and has worked hard to develop a systematic programme to develop staff CPD and improve outcomes for all pupils in terms of reading attainment. She has used her experience and expertise to support other local schools to plan, implement, assess and further develop reading development across KS2.


Claire Greaves

Claire is a Specialist Leader of Education for SEND and Inclusion.  She began her career teaching English in Uganda, and has worked at Sir Jonathan North for 20 years. For the past 10 years, Claire has combined mainstream English teaching with delivering and managing SEND provision.  In 2014, Claire took on leadership of the Skills for Learning team and has overseen a three year improvement of the outcomes for SEND students.

For the past 2 years, Claire has been an Assistant Principal with responsibility for Inclusion, careers provision, ITT and parental engagement.  This profile provides Claire with a strategic oversite of whole school issues pertaining to a range of stakeholders, and as such, she has developed a wide skill-set in leading teaching staff at all stages of their career, as well as support staff, to seek creative and effective ways of meeting the needs of all students to maximise their potential.

As a qualified coach and facilitator for NPQML and NAML, Claire is an experienced trainer of colleagues in leadership and quality first teaching; she empowers staff to improve their practice and reflect on their own leadership and management style.


Louise Jenkins

For the last two years Louise has worked as a lead teacher of reading for the Leadership of Key Stage Two Reading Project where she has supported schools in a variety of circumstances with the implementation of shared and guided reading. Louise has undertaken this through both course training days and visits to intensive schools. These visits involved a rigorous review of all aspects of their approach including live lesson observations, video coaching, planning and work scrutiny, planning and delivering CPD, teaching modelled lessons, data analysis and reviewing assessment structures in their schools. Through coaching reading leaders in all of these aspects she has helped improve the quality of teaching and learning, and the outcomes for all children in their schools.


Laura Jarram

Laura Jarram is a Specialist Leader of Education with a particular interest in Science. She has worked across schools in Leicester, Sheffield and Stockport. Currently, Laura is the Assistant Headteacher at Inglehurst Junior School, with responsibilities for Science, Reading, Student Training, Curriculum Design, CPD and Pupil Premium. Laura has supported many teachers and leaders in improving teaching and learning across all areas of the curriculum but particularly in STEM subjects. As a result, Inglehurst Junior School is a recognised STEM ambassador school. She is passionate about the subject and she is therefore committed to providing all children with the best possible Science education to enhance their learning and life chances.

Laura’s passion for developing opportunities within the Science setting has led to significant developments in both her own school and in the wider local authority. She is an active contributor to the Primary Science Network in Leicester, the National STEM Learning Centre in York and she has recently taken part in the CERN Primary Science Conference in Geneva. As a result of Laura’s innovation, passion and enthusiasm, she has been able to improve outcomes for pupils and leaders within her own school and beyond.


Patricia Thompson

Pat is the Director of Teaching School at Sir Jonathan North. She is an experienced Assistant Principal, an expert on teaching and learning and has led in this area to raise standards across the college.  Pat is currently responsible for the Teaching School, Teaching and Learning and CPD, and line manages several different curriculum teams.  She is chair of the East Midlands Teaching Schools Alliance (EMTSA) Network, leads the Teaching and Learning Leadership Network and recently spent time in Silicon Valley learning about leadership from senior leaders at Apple.  Pat previously worked as a Science AST at another city secondary school and as part of this role worked with many teachers across Leicester City, supporting leadership and the Science Hub and AST network.

Pat is a trained facilitator for the National Professional Qualification for Senior Leaders (NPQSL) and National Award for Middle Leaders (NAML), and is passionate about the role of coaching in school improvement.  She is also a trained Challenge Partners Reviewer. Pat is an experienced Trustee of a Multi-Academy Trust and enjoys working with primary school leaders to raise outcomes for children.


Charlotte Williams

Charlotte has supported Alderman Richard Hallam in implementing the KS2 reading project as a leadership of KS2 reading consultant through the following approaches. Charlotte has carried out a diagnostic review of current practices, teaching and learning. She has utilised learning walks, lesson observations, video coaching, and team teaching. She has also explored joint planning and long term planning scrutiny. Charlotte has provided support in devising school progression map in reading, as well as feedback to school’s senior management team.


Kevin Waite

Kevin Waite is a Specialist Leader of Education and currently the Lead Teacher for Quality First Teaching at Sir Jonathan North Community College.  Prior to this he was Curriculum Team Leader of English. During this time he oversaw the restructuring of the KS3 and KS4 English and Literature curriculums to successfully enable students to make better than expected progress whilst raising student outcomes for all groups.  The team’s innovative approach and aspiration for all students that they teach has led to outcomes that place them in the top percentile nationally for higher ability students and seventh overall. 

Kevin particularly enjoys supporting team leaders and teaching staff to improve teaching and learning outcomes.  He has supported potential leaders across the college and mentored and coached staff where underperformance has been concern.  Kevin regularly leads CPD sessions across a wide range of subjects and contributes to city Teach Meet sessions.  Kevin’s dynamic style has nurtured a culture of risk taking, teaching and learning and the sharing of best practice across the team and beyond to continue to drive innovation and student outcomes.