The Careers, Education, Information, Advice and Guidance (CEIAG) team at Sir Jonathan North aims to give students a wide range of experiences and opportunities that will equip them for further study and the world of work.

We aim to ensure students leave us with the skills and qualities necessary to make wise and informed choices about their future. We are proud to be working with LLEP, the Careers Hub, Pathways and the Enterprise Advisor Network. These partnerships mean that our students receive the most up-to-date information on the local labour market, apprenticeships, and opportunities for further and higher education.  We monitor the impact of our provision using the Gatsby Benchmarks in line with our statutory duty.

Our careers lead is Mr Hartley who can be contacted on 0116 - 2708116 or emailed at
The CEIAG team would like to welcome any local employers into college to speak to students about specific industry sectors, local employment, employment skills, and training opportunities. This could be in the form of an assembly, lunchtime talk or by participating in our online events. 



Sir Jonathan North undertakes a wide range of Enrichment activities to enhance and support the curriculum. The following activities take place in each year group. However, the list is not exhaustive and additional opportunities may arise throughout the year

Year 8

  • Career Weeks
  • Tutorial events with a focus on understanding personal likes and dislikes, qualities and skills


Year 9

  • ‘What’s my Line?’ An opportunity for students to meet a variety of local employees and quiz them about their jobs, their personal educational journeys, and the importance of employability skills
  • Information, Advice and Guidance to assist with option choices
  • Trip to Skills Show in Birmingham
  • Trip to local NHS Careers Fair
  • Lunchtime careers ‘drop-ins’ with Connexions Advisor to assist with option choices
  • ‘Women in Construction’ workshop


Year 10

  • Mock Interview with a local employer
  • 1 week Work Experience placement
  • Lunchtime talks on applying for medicine, setting up your own business, and apprenticeships
  • Talk from LIAISE about applying for post-16 colleges
  • Trip to local NHS careers fair


Year 11

  • Transition Parents’ Evening with attendance from all local post-16 providers and local universities
  • Information on National Citizenship Service, with opportunity to apply
  • Appointment with Connexions Advisor
  • Lunchtime talks from local post-16 providers
  • Attendance at College open days
  • Lunchtime talks on applying for medicine, setting up your own business, and apprenticeships


Useful Resources


Information, Advice and Guidance Lessons

Information, Advice and Guidance lessons are designed to help students make well-informed and realistic decisions at key points in their education.

Unit 1:  All about me (Y7) 

The aim is to get students thinking about themselves beyond the academic.   

  • Who am I? 
  • Who is my Inspiration? 
  • Time management  
  • Achievement Shield 


Unit 2:  Thinking about future employment (Y8) 

The aim is to get students thinking about different sectors and industries and what interests them the most. 

  • Employability Skills 
  • QQSOE 
  • Exploring a particular career 


Unit 3:  Why do people work? (Y9) 

Students reflect on why people work by conducting research through a questionnaire, and presenting their findings. 

  • Questionnaire 


Unit 4:  Getting ready for the workplace (Y9) 

Students complete a formal phone-call in preparation for work experience next year. 

  • The telephone game 
  • Child employment laws 
  • Competitive advantage 
  • Leadership skills 


Unit 5: Curriculum Vitae (Y10) 

The aim is to explore what a CV is and how it can open doors for you. 

  • Writing a CV 


Unit 6: Your future (Y10) 

Students begin to explore a range of pathways and how they can gain workplace experience. 

  • Which apprenticeship? 
  • What is a university and why go to one? 
  • Preparation for work experience 


Unit 7: College applications (Y11) 

Students prepare for the next stage in their journey. 

  • Writing personal statement 
  • Applying for college 

Transition Post 16

The College offers a range of information, advice and guidance to help students make well-informed and realistic decisions about their future. The law states that everyone has to stay in education or training until their 18th birthday. In addition, students who do not achieve a Grade 4 in Maths or English Language are required to re-take the course at college.

Students are given information about the range of choices available to them which include:

  • A full-time course (this might involve A levels or a BTEC, or a combination of both) or
  • An apprenticeship or traineeship.

We work closely with all post-16 providers in Leicester and Leicestershire to ensure students are aware of the range of options available to them, and the entry requirements for each course and provider. Positive Steps @16 is the on-line application system, which all students will use to apply for at least 2 post-16 places during Year 11.

The timetable for the application process is as follows:
September:  Post-16 Transition Parents’ Evening
October - November: Lunchtime talks from all post-16 providers
October - November:  College Open Days
November - December: Students complete Positive Steps @ 16  application form during lesson time
January: Applications sent off
January - April: Post-16 Interviews take place
March - April: Offers confirmed by colleges, and accepted or declined by students

All students have an appointment with the Connexions Advisor in Year 11 to assist them in making choices. 

Post 16 Talks

Over the next few months Post 16 providers are holding their Open Day events.  We strongly recommend that you visit the college your daughter would like to attend to learn more about what they can offer her. Click here for a list of the Open Day events.

For help with completing your PS16 applications follow the step-by-step instructions in these guides
Part 1 - PS16 User Guide
Part 2 - PS16 User Guide

Careers Newsletters Will be sent to all 11 pupils via their college email. They will cover the latest course news, important dates and provider links to support students in making their choices for Post 16 study.


Positive Steps @16 Personal Statement

For assistance with the Positive Steps @16 Personal Statement click here for a template. 



Desination Data 2020


Number of Students Where
1 Addict Dance Academy
39 Beauchamp City Sixth Form
6 Beauchamp College 
3 Brooksby Melton College
2 English Martys Catholic School
27 Gateway College
3 Islamic College
18 Leicester College
2 Leicester High School
7 Loughborough College
14  South Leicester College
1 St Paul's Catholic School
3 City of Leicester College
6 Wigston College
110 WQE
7 Other



Work Experience

At Sir Jonathan North students complete a two week work experience placement during Year 10.

In May 2017 students had a fantastic experience, with supervisors providing extremely positive feedback:

‘We have had students from the University and colleges before but Sir Jonathan North students were better.’

One supervisor commented that our student took the initiative and learnt systems quickly.

‘She was the best student we have had. She was punctual and hardworking’.

Students themselves realised the benefits of the experience and commented:

“You have to be very organised and always prepared for various jobs.”

“At the start I wasn’t sure about the unknown but quickly I got used to the place and loved going back.”

“My work experience has further emphasized the importance of getting good qualifications for a job.”

Below are links to all the information you and your daughter need to experience a positive and worthwhile placement.
Work Experience Power Point
Work Experience Diary
Essential Information Booklet
Self-Placement Form