Behaviour and Rewards

Behaviour Expectations

Behaviour expectations are made very clear to all students.  The SJNCC Positive Behaviour Code is displayed in every classroom and all students are expected to follow it. Normal procedure is that if a student chooses not to follow the rules or a teacher’s instructions she will be removed from that lesson and will work at the back of another classroom on the first few occasions. You will be notified either by phone or by letter when this happens and the student may be placed on report. If there is a sixth incident, she will have an internal exclusion, working in supervised isolation from 10.30am until 4 pm in the Inclusion Centre. If she is removed from lessons seven times, she will be given a fixed term exclusion. 

It is important to note that very few students are removed from lessons. Most students end up being eligible for rewards. If a student is finding it difficult to follow the School Behaviour Code, we will support her and work with parents to improve her behaviour. 

Students are expected to enter classrooms quietly, settle quickly, remove coats, have the correct equipment and follow all instructions.



Bullying in any form is not tolerated at College. Any concerns should be directed to the Progress Leader as soon as possible. Students can also attend FABAD (Friends Against Bullying and Discrimination) lunchtime club.


Rewards for Positive Behaviour

Sir Jonathan North College is a school that recognises success and rewards good behaviour.  Key Stage 3 students are awarded merits for good work in lessons. Students record their merits in their planners and once they have accumulated enough merits they receive certificates. In order to receive certificates, students have to earn the following numbers of merits:

Merits Certificate
15 Bronze Certificate
30 Silver Certificate
50 Gold Certificate
70 Platinum Certificate
100 SJNCC Award

Students are also awarded certificates for attendance each term.

AtTendance Certificate
95% - 96.9% Bronze Certificate
97% - 99.9% Silver Certificate
100% Gold Certificate
100% with no lates Platinum Certificate

At the end of each term, every student’s attendance, punctuality and behaviour will be reviewed. Those students who meet the reward criteria are eligible for the end of term reward event.  The Progress Leader will organise a reward event appropriate to the year group.