Physical Education

Curriculum rationale:

We have a profound belief that the most important aspect of Physical Education is not to win but to take part, just as the most important thing in life is not the triumph but the struggle. We aim to instil in our learners the desire not to have conquered but to have fought well. 

Our Principles:

  • Ambitious and Academic

Academic and specialist staff who want to encourage an aspirational ethos in the learners through the development of a challenging and appropriate curriculum that leads to a genuine interest in lifelong physical activity health and well-being.

  • Curriculum is rich in knowledge and cultural capital

All learning is grounded in a quality curriculum that is reviewed annually to meet ever changing student needs dependent upon whole college requirements placed upon facilities/resources.

  • Mastery in themes and skills

7/8 week units of work to assist in mastery in themes and skills that are in line with the national curriculum steps. Units of work provide a logical progression, giving learners the opportunity to revisit core skills, tactics and strategical awareness that can be committed to long term memory.  Critical thinking, problem solving, leadership and the 4R’s are embedded in every lesson.

  • Accessible, predetermined and transparent for parents and students

The P.E. team have an ethos of transparency and sharing of resources and materials enabling students to access the sports and physical activities throughout their five year journey.

  • Vocabulary and knowledge rich

Key words and oracy statements embedded in all materials/SOW and displayed in all teaching areas. Technical language for examination PE KS4 are filtered into SOW and lessons in KS3.

  • Affording opportunities for in class reading, developing literacy, numeracy, oracy and cultural capital across the curriculum

Reading and literacy/oracy skills are clearly evident in SOW, knowledge organisers within starters and plenaries (KS3). Wider reading encouraged at KS4 to enable students to access the extended writing questions and provide them with practical examples.

  • Writing in an academic, efficient and analytical style

Throughout examination P.E. modelled questions and answers are embedded into SOW and set for homework to enable students to develop their understanding/method of writing extended sentences appropriately

Curriculum Design:

The PE curriculum is broad and balanced and offers a variety of physical activities for all students to promote a life-long learning of physical activity.

We cover a variety of curriculum strands, development and progression throughout KS3.  This lays the foundations for examination PE and also instils a passion, knowledge and understanding of why physical activity and sport is important for now and into adulthood.

Our curriculum ensures that all students joining Sir Jonathan North at the start of Key Stage 3 will complete a Baseline Assessment to test their basic physical ability. In terms of examination of PE we offer; OCR GCSE PE (in Years 10 and 11), OCR National in Sports Studies (in Years 10 and 11) and Sports Leaders UK Level 1 in Year 10.  Our KS4 curriculum offer is diverse and engaging for both core and examination PE. The courses are differentiated for all students to access.

We have re-developed core KS3 & KS4 to show progression and cohesion for each physical activity and sport, between them focussing on transferrable skills and the 4 R’s.

The curriculum is progressive, enabling interleaving and spaced learning methods to be present to consolidate and develop students’ skills, knowledge and understanding throughout their five year journey. Retrieval practice is explicitly used in all lessons with transferable skills being highlighted.

All lessons are inclusive due to the nature of the activities, the differentiated equipment used and differentiated skills and outcomes.  Heavy investment has been made into modifying and adapting the curriculum and working with students to focus on individual needs.


Curriculum Plan:

Please see Here for the current Year 7, 8 and 9 plan

Please see Here for the updated programme of study for Year 10 and 11

Please see Here for the updated programme of study CNAT

Curriculum Assessment:

Our students have ten mid-term assessments and ten end term assessments each year at Key Stage 3 for each physical activity, grading attitude to learning and attainment. Targets are set based on KS2 data. Best team and best individual activity (and then best other activity) are then averaged to produce an overall attainment grade in line with the GCSE syllabus.

At GCSE there are four assessment strands: acquiring and developing skills, selecting and applying tactics, evaluating and improving performance and knowledge and understand of health and fitness.

Feedback is implicit to all of our lessons and throughout our lessons- this can take the form of teacher, peer or self-feedback. Feedback will be verbal, non-verbal, manual or written depending on the situation.

Records of Achievement are used in the form of an extended writing task which are completed by the students twice a year, where they can analyse their attainment grades and set targets based on their achievements for the year ahead.

Extra-curricular opportunities:

We offer an extensive range of sports clubs and fixture opportunities including football, basketball, netball, handball, liveball, dodgeball, rounders, cricket, badminton, tennis, trampolining, athletics and kick boxing. Our sports leaders qualification offers a wide and progressive range of leadership opportunities from leading their own core PE lessons, officiating in basketball competitions, volunteering in primary school sports competitions and helping run the whole school sports day.  

Our teams also take part in inclusive and disability sporting opportunities including indoor and outdoor athletics and basketball.

2.45- 4.00
SH - KG / LL

PE Fixtures - Spring Term 








Tuesday 11.01.22 KS3 Badminton Babington College 3:00pm 6:00pm LP KG 
Thursday  13.01.22 KS4 Baskebtall  SJNGC N/A  5:15pm LB
Tuesday  18.01.22 KS4 Girls Badminton Babington College 3:00pm  6:00pm DJ LL
Tuesday  18.01.22 Yr 8 Basketball  SJNGC N/A  5:30pm  LB
Wednesday  19.01.22 Yr 7 Basketball  SJNGC N/A  5:30pm  LB
Wednesday  26.01.22 Yr 7 /8 indoor Cricket SJNGC      
Thursday  27.01.22 Yr 9/10 indoor Cricket Castle Mead 2:45pm    
Tuesday  01.02.22 KS3 & KS4 Trampolining New College 3:00pm  6:00pm  LP KG
Tuesday  08.02.22 Badminton (mop up)  Babington College 3:00pm  5:30pm  LP KG
Thursday 10.02.22 Yr 7/8 and Yr 9/10 Cricket Final Crown Hills 3:00pm  6:00pm  LL DJ
Tuesday 08.03.22 Yr 7 Futsal Rushey Mead 3:00pm 6:00pm LB AM
Tuesday 08.03.22 Primary Netball Festival SJNGC 3:00pm 5:30pm LL
Wednesday  09.03.22 Yr 8/9 Futsal  Crown Hills 3:00pm  6:00pm DJ KG
Tuesday 15.03.22 KS4 Girls Futsal  Crown Hills 3:00pm  6:00pm DJ LP
Tuesday  22.03.22 Yr 7 Futsal Rushey Mead 3:00pm  6:00pm DJ KG
Wednesday  23.03.22 Yr 8/9 Futsal  Crown Hills  3:00pm  6:00pm LB AM 
Thursday  24.03.22 Indoor Athletics Finals Loughborough University  13:30pm  5:00pm LL LB
Tuesday  29.03.22 KS3 County Badminton Babington College 3:00pm 7:30pm  
Wednesday  30.03.22 Yr 8 Handball   3:00pm 6:00pm LB KG
Thursday  31.03.22 KS4 County Badminton Babington College 3:00pm 7:30pm  
Thursday  31.03.22 Yr 10 Handball   3:00pm 6:00pm LP DJ
Tuesday 05.04.22 County Futsal   3:00pm 6:00pm