Examination Results

Excellent progress and success for Sir Jonathan North students 

We understand that when choosing a school for your child, you want to be sure they’ll be happy, nurtured, given a good education with subject choice, and have opportunities beyond the classroom. We also know that you having confidence your child will achieve academically to the best of their ability is also important to parents and carers. 

At Sir Jonathan North, we encourage each and every child to strive for their very best, and as their educators, we provide the knowledge, tools and encouragement to get there. We place equal importance on academic excellence and holistic development, ensuring we develop ‘the whole child’ in preparation for GCSEs and life beyond education. 

Our teachers also invest time in updating their knowledge and adapting their methods of teaching and we are overjoyed to see that reflected in the progress made by students. 

Headline data 

Our college, just like others across the country, is measured in a number of ways, which gives parents and carers transparency in seeing how well the college is performing and helps prospective parents and carers make an informed choice for their child. We are pleased to share headline data with you below, showing positive progress at Sir Jonathan North Girls’ College. 

View full results on the Government website. 

GCSE results in 2023: 

  • Attainment 8 score 55.6 (national average 46.3) - this measures how well pupils have performed across eight GCSE qualifications
  • 64% of students achieved between a grade 9 and 5 in both English and maths  (England average 45%)
  • 79% of students achieved between a grade 9 and 4 in both English and maths 
  • SJN student achievement of grades 9-7 in English Language, English Literature, Maths, Film Studies, Textiles, Chemistry, Drama, Art, Music, PE, History and Combined Science were all above the national average and the national average for girls.  
  • SJN student achievement of grades 9 to 4 in  English Language, English Literature, Maths, Dance, PE, Textiles, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Product Design, Film Studies, Music, Drama, Food and Nutrition, Religious Studies, Spanish, Combined Science, French, History and Geography were all above the national average and the national average for girls 

The English Baccalaureate (EBacc): 

The EBacc is an accountability measure in England that measures the proportion of students who secure a grade 5 or above at GCSE in English, mathematics, two science subjects, history/geography and a language subject or a grade 4 or above in the same subjects. 

  • 91% of all students at Sir Jonathan North were entered for the EBacc 
  • SJN student achievement of grades 9 - 5 in the Ebacc was 46%  well above the city and national average
  • SJN student achievement of grades 9 - 4 in the Ebacc was 61%   significantly above the city and national average.
  • The average Ebacc point score in 2023 is 5.37

Progress 8 score 2023: 

Progress 8 is a measure that indicates how much a secondary school has helped its students improve (or progress) over a five-year period (from the end of primary school to the end of their secondary education) when compared to a government-calculated expected level of improvement. The national average is -0.03, and each school’s score is usually between –1 and +1. 

  • Sir Jonathan North’s Progress 8 score in 2023 is +0.55, higher than the Leicester average of 0.14.

Destination Data 

All schools are required to report their destinations data to show what students do next after they have finished Year 11. These leavers are classified as either: 

Participating - defined as those young people who are in: 

  • Full time study in a school, college or with a training provider 
  • Full time work or volunteering (20 hours or more) combined with part time education or training 
  • An apprenticeship or traineeship 

Not Participating - defined as those young people who are in: 

  • Employment without study 
  • NEET (not in education, employment or training) 
  • Those whose current destination is unknown because they cannot be contacted or have refused to disclose what they are doing. 

In 2023,  98.3% of our leavers were classified as participating, compared to the city average which is 94.7%.

From a cohort of 242, 4​ students (1.7%) were not participating by November 1st. Connexions continue to work with our young people and with those from previous years who are NEET, offering support to help them move forward positively. 
A full copy of the SJNG destinations of 2023 leavers document can be found by clicking here

If you are considering Sir Jonathan North Girls’ College for your child’s secondary education, we would be delighted to show you around our high-achieving and thriving college. Please get in touch click here