Attendance and Punctuality

The morning session begins at 8.30am.

Please ensure that your child is always on time for registration. It is expected that students will achieve between 96% and 100% attendance, although, clearly there would be exceptions in the case of a genuine serious illness. If your child is ill, please contact the College to tell us and keep us informed if the illness lasts more than 2 or 3 days. If you have not contacted the office, it is likely that you will be phoned or receive a text about your child's absence. A note should be written to your child's tutor explaining any absence and brought in on the day of their return. The school phone number is  0116 270 8116.


Notification of Absence

We work closely with parents and the Education Welfare Service to ensure the regular attendance of students.

We ask parents to:

  • Contact the College by telephone if your child is going to be absent, whatever the reason - illness, emergency dental/medical appointment, family emergency. Please send in a note to give to the tutor on your child’s return to the College.
  • Send a note in with your child to give permission to leave the premises for a prearranged medical appointment.  This will be checked and signed by the Pastoral Leader or Student Support Officer and then your child will be able to sign out at the Main Office.

An agreement to authorise the absence is entirely at the discretion of the Principal and authorisation will only ever be considered for exceptional circumstances. We expect parent/carers to avoid absences during term time other than for illness. Any request for leave of absence must be made well in advance on the Leave of Absence Request Form available from the Main Office. Fixed Penalty Notices may be issued if leave of absence is not agreed but the time off is still taken. 

  • If permission is granted, photocopies of airline or travel tickets showing date of booking will be required by the school office before you travel.  If your request has been agreed, failure to provide this information will mean that the request is no longer agreed and your child’s absence will be classed as unauthorised. 
  • We may also request copies of other travel related documents from you. We will advise you if this is the case.  Where we do not receive copies of documents requested, this is likely to mean that we will not authorise some or all of any absence your child has in relation to this request.
  • If permission is granted, students must ensure that they are up to date with their school work before they leave and in addition, it will be parents’/carers’ responsibility to ensure that their child, on return, makes up any missed work in their own time upon return.
  • The decision made by the College is final.

If students do not arrive in College and you have not contacted the College to explain the reason why, we will contact you at home or at work or by text.


Medical Appointment

Students are not allowed to leave the College during the day unless a note is brought from home in advance. We ask you to make doctor’s and dentist’s appointments outside College hours where this is possible.  If your child needs to go to a medical or dental appointment during the day, she must have a note from you, which will be signed by her Progress Leader so she can obtain a pass from the office. We can only issue passes on receipt of a letter from home.