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The College cannot produce or obtain duplicate certificates on your behalf. If you have lost your exam certificates, in most cases the awarding body will issue a certified statement of results. For further details please see https://www.gov.uk/replacement-exam-certificate/who-to-contact.

In order to access this certified statement from the awarding body (if you sat your exams in 2004 or later), Sir Jonathan North can produce a report of results which will contain information that the awarding body will require.  If you sat your exams prior to this, it is unlikely that the College will have any information that will assist you. However, in most cases the College can provide a letter detailing your results.

For you to apply for certified statements of results, most awarding bodies will require the centre number and your candidate number.

The centre number for Sir Jonathan North College is 25254.

Your candidate number may be shown on the statement of results the College can provide.If it is not shown in the candidate number field, then use the last 4 numbers of the Unique Candidate Identifier, without the letter at the end.

To enquire about the results Sir Jonathan North holds for you please email matt.dean@sirjonathannorth.org.uk.

Please note there may be a delay at busy times of the year e.g. during summer exams.