Revision Guidelines

Below are links to resources which we feel will support you and your parents/carers with your exam preparation. It is not a comprehensive list of the revision and preparation resources we have in the college, and you will receive additional resources from your teachers as you progress through the course. If you would like any more support please speak to your assertive mentor, tutor, progress leader or subject teacher.


Useful websites and information:
Code Academy
BBC Bitesize Computer Science
Our GCSE Revision Guide – Click here for the link
Python texts – BRIGGS JASON R., 2013, Python for Kids, San Francisco

Business Studies

Useful websites:
BBC – GCSE Bitesize
BBC Business Page
Business Studies online

Food and Nutrition

Useful websites:
Food Preparation and Nutrition Specification Checklist 

Product Design

Information on the Production Design Specification can be found here:

Textiles Technology 

We encourage students to use GCSE Bitesize, the Eduqas exam board website and textiles4u with exam revision. Students will be advised of other sites with information about key new technologies and developments with commercial design through taught lessons.

  • edmodo is widely used to share learning resources and for students to submit their work.
  • is a fantastic online tool that allows students to edit and work together collaboratively from the comfort of their homes in real time much like a live multi player that runs in your browser.
  • is another excellent research site for both English and Literature.


  • At the start of the GCSE course, the Art Team puts together a basic pack of necessary equipment at a cost of approximately £10.
  • A2 folder to enable Art work to be carried
  • A set of drawing pencils
  • A putty rubber for the use of drawing
  • A set of high quality oil pastels
  • One A4 hard backed spiral bound sketchbook
  • Students may wish to purchase A4 sketchbooks separately if or when they use the first one. The Art Team can provide these for approximately £2.50 each.
  • Encourage your daughter to use the materials she has at home to develop her skills. Students do not need to bring this equipment into school.



Blood Brothers useful links:

The curious incident of the dog in the nighttime useful links:



At GCSE it is recommended that your daughter purchases a revision guide and practice work book which are currently available to purchase from College.


For the GCSE course the textbooks ‘The People’s Health’ (ISBN 9781471860089) and ‘The Norman Conquest’ (ISBN 9781471860867) can be purchased from the Hodder education website (among others).  

Useful GCSE website: 

Travel and Tourism 

The ideal source of information is the core textbook that students use in both years, which contains everything needed for all units.

Unfortunately, the College does not have enough copies to lend each student a textbook. The textbook ‘Travel and Tourism’ (2013 ISBN: 9781446906279) can be purchased from Pearson, Amazon or EBay.

Year 11 How do we revise for Maths booklet 

Each student has her own ID and password. This site contains a full copy of the KS3 – MyMaths Class textbooks and the KS4 GCSE textbooks and homework books.

Each student has her own ID and password. This site has lessons and homework task for each topic at both KS3 and GCSE. It is also directly linked to the Kerboodle textbooks.

Hegarty Maths
Each student has her own ID and password. This site is used for homework and revision; tasks will be set regularly and monitored by the class teacher.

Other useful sites:

YouTube is a great place to learn vocabulary. Type “Learn French/Spanish vocabulary with songs”

Students are encouraged to purchase the AQA Grammar and Translation workbook which helps them develop the new skills required for the new GCSE exam.

Students are encouraged to purchase and use their AQA Revision Guide and Workbook.  It is the best tool to practise reading and listening skills.

Students are provided with an AQA Vocabulary booklet at the start of Year 10 and are tested on the words on a weekly basis. This contains many of the words that will come up in the Exams. A must-have to learn vocabulary.

Revision World website. This has lots of AQA past papers and mark schemes available for students to practise exam skills.

Revision World French
Revision World Spanish

There are ranges of useful websites that can be used to aid revision. Please click the links below to access these.

At KS4 students have access to an electronic version of the textbooks the college use via a kerboodle login:

Kerboodle - your daughter would be provided with login details. The College’s institution code is fu7.

All students have access to revision video clips on My-GCSE Science.