GCSE Art & Design (Year 1)

GCSE Art & Design (Year 2)

Workshop project – Antoni Gaudi & Hundertwasser

Students learn about the 4 assessment objectives used for GCSE assessment. They produce a mini project working through these objectives. The final outcome is a ceramic based piece.

Component 1 – Organic Versus Mechanic (NEA)

Students continue component 1, developing a range of ideas in preparation for a final response. Students complete final piece in controlled conditions.

Component 1 – Organic Versus Mechanic (NEA)

 Students respond to the starting point - Organic Vs Mechanic by developing an in-depth portfolio of work leading to a final piece. Students show evidence of the 4 assessment objectives throughout this body of work. 

COMPONENT 2 – external set task & exam   Students select from a range of externally set questions, responding in line with the 4 assessment objectives. They produce a full portfolio of work developing ideas in preparation for a final piece. Students are taken off timetable for 2 days (10 lessons) to create their final piece in controlled conditions.

Curriculum Assessment

GCSE students will be assessed every half term in line with the GCSE assessment objectives. Underachieving students will be offered after school intervention sessions, an ideal opportunity to develop skills, knowledge and understanding. personal verbal feedback and written feedback on areas of strengths and areas to improve are regularly provided.

Extra-curricular opportunities

Visits to art galleries
Summer Arts Festival we host an art exhibition inviting family and friends in to view classwork 
Afterschool art club exploring digital art, clay, glass work and also set design for any upcoming school productions.
Art and Design competitions

Essential equipment

GCSE Art students will need to purchase a starter pack through Beehive (cost approximately £16)