Year 1

Year 2

Autumn 1st half term

Baseline technique incorporating the Set Phrases and mock paper 1

Introduction to anthology work 1


Set Phrases re-visited and rehearsed and final assessment

Introduce the Choreography exam paper

Research on chosen choreography stimulus

Autumn 2nd half term

Set Phrases mock assessment and mock paper 2

Introduction to anthology work 2

Creating and developing choreography

Explore in depth anthology works 1 and 2

Mock paper 5

Spring 1st half term


Introduction to choreography, exploring a past paper and programme note writing

Introduction to anthology work 3

Refining choreography and writing programme note

Learn Duo/Trio performance piece

Explore in depth anthology works 3 and 4

Spring 2nd half term


Choreography mock assessment and programme note

Introduction to anthology work 4

Choreography final assessment and programme note

Duo/Trio performance final assessment

Explore in depth anthology works 5 and 6

Summer 1st half term

Exploring group relationships and learning the performance piece and mock paper 3

Introduction to anthology work 5

Written paper preparation/revision

Mock paper 6

Written paper exam

Summer 2nd half term

Duo/Trio performance mock assessment and mock paper 4

Introduction to anthology work 6

Course completed


Curriculum Assessment

In GCSE years 1 and 2 will also have regular, low stakes diagnostic tests to check understanding and various accumulative written tests every half term to check their understanding. These tests build each half term in length and complexity as they review previous topics as well as current ones. Alongside this they will be assessed in their practical work where they receive regular, personal verbal feedback and written feedback on areas of strengths and areas to improve.

Extra-curricular opportunities

Dance offers a wide variety of opportunities outside of the classroom. We have visiting artists delivering professional practical workshops, we offer an after school dance club at key stage 3 which also leads to performance opportunities in our Summer Arts Festival and we support Moving Together in the Arts Award scheme. Alongside side this we plan in an annual theatre trip and we work collaboratively across the Expressive Arts Team to stage a whole school musical production.

Essential equipment

All students must wear the college PE kit for their dance lessons.