July 17, 2023

Culture Day 2023

A few weeks ago - on Thursday 6th July – Sir Jonathan North Girls’ College hosted a fantastic Culture Day.

An annual event, Culture Day aims to educate students about a variety of different cultures and religious groups, thus promoting themes of inclusivity, diversity and respect. 

A collection of exciting activities – some classroom-based and some interactive – were on display and the students had a fantastic time participating and learning. 

“We completed various activities such as learning about different diverse leaders throughout the world and competing in sports that allowed everyone to join in regardless of ability; for example, wheelchair basketball,” one student explained. 

“We also learnt cultural dances such as Bhangra and Gaarba; this taught us how people celebrate in their countries.” 

Students were also given the opportunity to decorate a tile in the style of a specific culture; a range of different countries and nationalities were on show, including Scotland, Algerian, Morocco, Egypt, India and Pakistan, thus demonstrating how multicultural the Sir Jonathan North community is. 

Then, after school, in front of parents and carers, students performed in a diversity talent show; singing, dancing and strolling down the catwalk wearing costumes that reflected their unique cultures and identities. 

“It has really inspired me these past two years to learn about different cultures, and in my opinion, Culture Day is the best way that can show it,” another student said.  

She continued: “In my opinion, all schools should celebrate this day because it’s an opportunity to teach students - and even teachers - and for people to feel heard and not ashamed of their culture.”